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Introducing the Guest Genome

Today’s restaurant operators have a wealth of consumer information available, from point-of-sale transactions to social engagement metrics. Unfortunately, the data can’t provide a clear picture of your customer if it’s scattered across your organization.

AppSmyth’s Guest Genome captures every interaction and influence between the individual and your brand. Robust guest ethnographies. Detailed buying histories. Purchase triggers. Physical factors. Geoinformatics. Demographics. Uptake profiles. All the disparate data points that combine to deliver deep insight into guest DNA.

Isn’t time that you and your customers got better acquainted?


A virtuous circle

Engaged Guests

Your customers will be inspired to engage with AppSmyth's exciting and fun features.

Rich Customer Profiles

With reliable data and powerful analytics tools, you gain a clear picture of what inspires each customer to buy….and what will motivate them to reach out to their friends on your behalf.

Personalized Communication and Offers

Send your customers highly personalized offers and promotions which excite them...and are never perceived as spam.

Delighted Customers

Your customers will be excited about their offers and eager to redeem - and even share them.

Increased Sales

Reap the benefits of the value you’ve provided to your customers, resulting in deeper engagement and higher revenue.

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Personalization and Localization Drive Revenue

AppSmyth’s unique, data-driven personalization capabilities drive frequency, dollar size, daypart, and reach. The bottom line is a dramatic increase in same store sales.

No other restaurant mobile apps offer anything close to the personalization, localization, or sales results offered by AppSmyth.



Create and run effective campaigns.
Analyze your results.

The AppSmyth Web Portal provides the corporate franchise, regional manager, or local storeowner with the power to instantaneously control their marketing programs. The brand (corporate) can control as much – or as little – marketing or messaging as it wants.


Rich Personal Profiles

Best Practices

Store-level local marketing. Best Practices

AppSmyth uses deep customer profiles, specific local and store data, and industry best practices to create highly customized campaigns.


Earn 2 bonus points for purchasing while wearing purple on any Viking's game day.


Receive 2 bonus points for making 2 purchases by 5/31/15.


Rainy day special! Spend $30 in the next 12 hours and earn 3 free points.


Get a new friend to purchase within 7 days and get 10 points.


Rich Personal Profiles

AppSmyth collects data from millions of restaurant customers and tens of millions of restaurant transactions. You will see comparative metrics of all your stores. You will know what drives profit-generating behavior.

Campaigns excite each customer by offering what she wants while furthering your business objectives.


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Gross Revenue
Net Revenue

Post-Campaign Metrics

AppSmyth ensures campaigns are results oriented, providing vital analytics and statistics on the success of an in-app coupon, contest, loyalty program, or survey and enabling store owners and corporate staff to analyze the revenue impact of each campaign.

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