AppSmyth CEO, Ravinder Grewal, is quoted in this month’s expansive Franchise Times feature highlighting the restaurant industry’s about-face on technology implementation after a 10-year trend of resistance to mobile marketing.

Speaking as an industry expert, Grewal confirmed the growing trend of restaurant technology adoption and explained how AppSmyth’s data-driven, interactive app minimizes order lines and communicates personally to guests.

The feature, “Apping Up. Luddites no more: Holdouts adding technology at rapid clip,” by senior writer, Jonathan Maze, reports restaurant technology adoption is “coming at a fevered pitch” as “people under 30 simply expect technology to be available at places of business.”

FT May 2014“The new technology is designed to get customers in the door more often, change the way they order their food and even let them complete a transaction without glancing at their wallet even once,” writes Maze.

The apps analyze data from customers’ use of the restaurants, and combines them with location technology to more specifically market to diners. For instance, Amazon knows its users’ tendencies and can make recommendations for products. Netflix analyzes its users’ movie ratings and uses and also makes recommendations. These apps are designed to give restaurants the same ability.

For instance, Grewal said, the app knows what kind of offers will lure a restaurant’s customer in for another visit, whether it’s discounts or upsize offers. “We may have the same behavior, but the same things don’t motivate us,” he said. As a result, the apps have much higher response rates than coupons or traditional ads.

“Loyalty is not just about rewards management,” Grewal said. “It’s about changing customer behavior.”

The Franchise Times feature reflected an earlier observation and prediction made by AppSmyth’s RP3 partners in March. Wallace Hite, RP3 partner and former Vice President of Sonic Drive-In restaurants, said his two decades in the restaurant industry showed consistently that restaurants were not interested in technology.

“They just were not,” said Hite. “That is why we’ve got to get out there and tell AppSmyth’s story. No one is doing what AppSmyth is doing because it extremely challenging to do the data crunching, implementation, client success service, and audit trails.”

Hite says his RP3 partners were “blown away” by AppSmyth’s capacity for changing the mobile marketing landscape. “It began to crystallize for me what Appsmyth’s potential was as a company. All of a sudden, I realized that this is a data company like no one else in our industry has.”

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